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TimeToCall Press Kit v1.0

TimeToCall - Find the Best Time to Call Overseas

The TimeToCall Press Kit Contains:

  • The TimeToCall Icon
  • An iPhone Image with TimeToCall running on it
  • A full set of iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad Screenshots in both English and Japanese
  • A Markdown (plain text) version of the initial Press Release
  • The Hiltmon.com logo

Download Press Kit

The original Press Release is on the Noverse Site.

The product home page is at TimeToCall.

For promo codes, send an email to contact@noverse.com.

The app can be downloaded from the app store (Japanese press please use the Japanese App Store).

The 10+ series of posts describing the thought and work that goes into making the app is at TimeToCall Series. Start with the first article at TimeToCall - the Effort and the Return.

The demo video is hosted on YouTube and may be embedded.


Reviews of TimeToCall

If you’ve ever thought of developing an iPhone or iPad app — or any app, really — Hilton Lipschitz has chronicled the journey of his new release, TimeToCall. It’s a great way to see the scope of an independent development project and the amount of work that goes into a carefully-considered application.