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Here are some of the products that I have developed, for clients or for sale, directly or through my company Noverse LLC. Unfortunately, my Hedge Fund clients prefer to remain anonymous, so their work cannot be included. To see my free projects, check out my code page.

If you want to hire me for your own development projects, Hedge Fund, web, Macintosh or iOS, check out my business, Noverse LLC.


An iPhone and iPad app to show you the best time to call overseas. Play with time to find the right time to call across a wide variety of places. Or read all about how it was developed in my huge 10+ part series of articles.


As Noverse, developed the core server, pipeline and platform for Quandl. The goal of Quandl is to be a searchable directory of all raw data on the Internet, and to deliver that data in a common format for use by its clients. As of writing, Quandl has over 3 million datasets in the current version of the product.


An iPhone app to browse and purchase from oo.com.au Australia’s largest online department store.

Note: This product is only available on the Australian and New Zealand app store.


A comprehensive web application to enable non-profits to manage their database of constituents, events and campaigns, and finances. Kifu was designed to be flexible yet very easy to use and easy to learn. Sadly, Kifu was shut down in July 2014.

For more, see my professional portfolio at Noverse.