This page contains a list of the free products, plugins, themes or source code that I have made available to fellow developers. For products and paid applications, see my products page.

Note that these are all quite old and are no longer under any development.

Go ahead and download, contribute to and use them. Please do me the courtesy of letting me know if you do. The source code assumes you are a developer and know how to use it, so I cannot provide support.

If you like my code, plugins or themes, just send me a email. Good karma, better looks and awesomer tools will result.

If you want to hire me for your own development projects, Hedge Fund, web, Macintosh or iOS, check out my business, Noverse LLC.

Gists for TextMate and Command Line

Create a TextMate 2 bundle to create, get and update GitHub gists, with a matching Command Line implementation. My version caches the mapping between gist id and file name, and leaves the URL on the clipboard to make it easy to blog or use gist URLs.

TextMate Repo:

Command Line Repo:

CombinedCasts Theme

My personal TextMate 2 theme (also usable in Sublime Text 2), containing a variant of Ryan Bates’ lovely RailsCasts theme with a light theme for Markdown and text documents.

Download: CombinedCasts.tmTheme.

TextMate Theme CSV

I created a TextMate 2 bundle to enable me to easily generate tmTheme files to have Multiple Themes in TextMate 2. Read the post or the included README file to see how to easily create a new TextMate (or Sublime Text) theme file using simple CSV-like syntax.


Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 26, 2013 9:10 AM