Who Dares, Wins

Only a few times in a lifetime does an opportunity come along that could change everything. It comes in the form of a challenge that will stretch you and push you to your limits, even though its in a domain you know everything about (or believe you do). It comes as a disruptive force to a stable market. Its both risky and yet eminently doable. And there is tangible demand for this change, a change the incumbents resist (and have good reason to). Its a challenge that has scared off many people (mostly because it is hard, and finding people who can understand the space is even harder).

Who dares?

Such an opportunity has come my way. A smart and experienced Founder has leaped onto the idea and found many interested partners. In my mind, its a problem space that is solvable. Its also complex, messy, contains many moving parts, and is ripe for disruption. Its in a space I know well, a space we as a team will need to drive change. Fortunately, its a change that many are asking for.

Who dares, wins!

I dare. We dare.

An announcement will come out early next year once we’re ready.

It is with great thanks and appreciation to people in my network who took the time and kindly made the introductions, took my calls to discuss and help understand the opportunity, and provided their expertise and experience in seeing it for what it is, for providing clarity. Thank you.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Dec 21, 2022 2:28 PM