On Removing Comments

Today I removed the comments from hiltmon.com for one reason and one reason only — the comment service, Disqus, that I used — was tracking you across a multitude of sites and is selling your data to strangers without your (or my) permission. I no longer want hiltmon.com to be one of those collection points.

I’m going to miss the comments though. Your comments had been insightful, gracious and a wonderful way to connect with my readers, and to allow my readers to connect with each other. Unlike more popular sites, I never had to deal with comment spam, bad players or any of the common nastiness on the internet, just lucky I guess.

I have deleted my Disqus account and regenerated this site. I have no backup nor copy of any of your information, and now, neither do they. If you want to comment on any post, please do, I love them, just tweet me at @hiltmon.

I’m not 100% privacy clean, yet. Hiltmon.com still uses Google Analytics for site analytics, and now that Carbon has been sold to BuySellAds, I may, very soon, be removing the ad as well.

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Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Jun 17, 2018 9:58 AM