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We're Better Than This

My thoughts on the toxic hell-stew that my Twitter feed is becoming. I follow (and occasionally interact with) a bunch of intelligent, opinionated, sensible tech folks whom I respect immensely and whose timelines and lives are being ruined by an impersonator, a gang of misogynists and their flock of followers.

We’re better than ganging up, taking sides and judging or expressing negative public opinions on people we do not know personally. Topical constructive disagreement is great, we thrive on that, personal attacks are not.

We’re better than letting one arsehole impersonating someone else from disrupting our sense of community, discourse and expression. You know who I mean.

We’re better than sniping at each-other over made-up shit, clickbait, snark and snide remarks created intentionally to sow discord in our community.

We’re better than those who treat women, LGBT folks and minorities as second class citizens. Because we do not.

We’re better than those who dox, swat, spread hate and discord. Because we do not.

We’re better than to give attention where it is not owed or deserved. We have more important things to do with our time.

We’re better than to get angry over insignificant stupid things where war, refugees, child killings, racism, guns, insane politics, a slow slide into the dark ages, climate change and a hundred other real issues deserve our attention and intellect.

We’re better than letting a few bad people ruin our community, one we have built over years of communication, trust and honesty.

We can and should unfollow, muffle, mute or block. We can shut them down together, as only a community can. Then ignore them.

Lets get back to being who we are, to the real discussion, to sharing our interests, to discussing tech topics, and to making Twitter enjoyable again.

Lets tweet a namaste (🙏🏽) to each other and put this behind us.

Maybe, just maybe, if we set a better example, as we have done in the past, they will find us implacable, unruffled, united and not worth messing with.

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