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Sanity Saver: Detox Expands t.co Links

If you use Twitter and click on t.co links, or use Google search and follow their links, chances are your browser history is a mess of t.co/C*R@A%P& or google.com/S$H@I*T#. Which means there is no way to use your browser history to find that page you just saw (or saw a few days ago) and accidentally closed. And autocomplete does not work either.

Shaun Inman (of Mint and The Last Rocket fame) created a Safari extension called Detox a while ago that automatically expands those pesky t.co links and funky Google links back into their original URLs and titles. Making your browser history and autocomplete useable again.

Download it from here and double click the Detox.safariextz file to install it. And fuggedaboudit!

Highly recommended for all OS X Safari users.

Thank you Shaun for a great Sanity Saver.

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