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The Little Touches

It’s the little touches that turn ordinary products into great products.

For years I have been using Power2000 NiMH batteries and their chargers that I get in Japan for use in my camera’s Flash. I use these because they really hold a charge and can handle the burst heat from a Nikon flash unit. And they store a lot of energy so they keep on flashing.

So when I moved to an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, I naturally pulled one of these sets out to use. I loaded a fully charged set of 4 and off I went.

Unfortunately, the trackpad and the keyboard discharge at wildly different rates. Which means that the trackpad ran out far sooner than keyboard did. Since I did not have any spare batteries, I either had to wait the several hours to recharge the two from the trackpad, or raid some out the camera (which meant the flash was unusable).

Most chargers come with 4 batteries.

The Apple Battery Charger comes with six.

Yep, six.

Two for the keyboard.

Two for the trackpad.

And two to be charged while the in-use ones discharge.

The simple act of adding two more batteries to the set means we no longer need to scavenge batteries when recharging or worry when one device runs out of power. There is always a charged set available to swap in.

Two additional batteries. Such a little touch. Such amazing benefit.

Only $29.99 on the Apple Store (not affiliate link).

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