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Laravel 4 Blade TextMate Bundle

In the comments of My TextMate 2 Setup, reader Bob Rockerfeller wondered if the Sublime Text Laravel 4 Blade bundle could be ported to TextMate 2. So I did.

It was easy because Sublime Text uses TextMate’s .tmLanguage file format for syntax highlighting. I just created a new bundle using the Bundle Editor, created a new Syntax file and pasted in Eric Percifield’s (@medalink7) code. Then tested it with the example in his repo.

You can download the bundle here: Laravel Blade.tmbundle.

To Install: Unzip the file and double-click the Laravel Blade.tmBundle icon to have TextMate install it for you. Alternatively, drag and drop the Laravel Blade.tmBundle to ~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Bundles/ folder.


Disclaimer: I don’t use Laravel, I just use TextMate 2. All the good work in this bundle was done by @medalink7, thank you, I just packaged it into a TextMate bundle format.

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