Back in the Saddle

TL;DR: I got a job! Gonna keep writing though.

As of this week, I’m back in the saddle in the finance industry, designing and developing leading edge platforms and systems for a new asset manager, my favorite kind of business. The challenges in the new firm are new to me and epic. And I love a good challenge.

How does this affect…

  • My current consulting customers? Nothing changes, all your projects are in support and the support levels will continue unaffected. I will not, however, be taking on new consulting engagements.
  • My blog? I love writing, and will continue to spend evenings and weekends writing and hopefully improving my craft. Actually, I think this blog may get even more geeky as I am using some very cool, modern open-source products and will likely nerd all over them and just have to share.
  • My products? Of course, they too will be supported and upgraded as needed. TimeToCall will get an iOS 7 facelift, and Kifu is already rock solid.

I have enjoyed the past few years being an indie consultant (other than working for a royal pain-in-the-arse – oh, wait, um, that’s me!) and delivering some amazing products to a bunch of wonderful customers. It has enabled me to become proficient an a whole bunch of new technologies, be exposed to new industries and processes, face and defeat untold challenges, and to make a lot of new friends like you.

I might be working for the man from now on, but that is all that really changes.

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Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Jun 25, 2013 10:39 PM