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Every 'the Best Programmers Editor' Review

I read a lot of programmer’s editor reviews and see a lot of arguments about which is best. Yet, essentially, they all do the same thing, help you program the way you want to. So here is my review of your favorite programmer’s editor for the Mac.

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My EDITOR Review

EDITOR is by far the best programmer's editor ever.

Me Now

Here’s why.

EDITOR contains all the basic features you would expect from a good programmer’s editor, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, block selection, brace matching, and support for almost every programming language out there. It also supports multiple file encodings, different line ending conventions and, of course, has multi-level undo.

You can save and use your own code snippets within EDITOR. And you can create and run your own macros in EDITOR to increase your efficiency. And one of the best features is that there is an extensive library of bundles on the internet to extend EDITOR’s feature set to do anything imaginable.

EDITOR is blazingly fast to load and use. Much faster than any IDE. Plain text and regex search and replace are but a keystroke away and very quick. And navigating between files in a project or within a file is simple.

The UI is streamlined and does not get in your way. Which makes EDITOR a beautifully simple product. Of course, you can customize the font, spacing and theme to your desire.

Like all such tools though, there is a learning curve. There are only a few keystrokes a beginner needs to learn to get going. But once you have mastered EDITOR extensive keyboard shortcuts, you can do anything in it without reaching for the mouse.

Look, I am most productive in EDITOR. All the commands and features I need are available at a keystroke. And I have the muscle-memory to ensure that I can program at peak efficiency when I use EDITOR.

So I highly recommend you use EDITOR as your primary programmer’s editor. I cannot imagine programming without it.

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