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My Next Product

My next product is going to be the best product I ever made. Of this I am certain.

It is going to have an absolutely beautiful design inside and out. The internal architecture is going to be sublime, the code and classes readable and maintainable. The functionality in the first version will hit all the high marks and the UI is going to stand out.

My next product is going to solve a problem that lots of other people face every day. Tens, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people. And it is going to solve that problem in a new, unique and intuitive way. Users of my next product are going to wonder how they got bye without it.

Of course my next product will use the latest and greatest technologies. If that means that some users need to upgrade their platforms to use it, so be it. It is through the use of these technologies that the hottest features of this product will emerge.

My next product is going to test my skills to the limit. Nothing in my 23 years experience as a designer and developer of software will match the challenges of this product. And yet all that experience will help me overcome each hurdle as I craft it, all that experience will enable me to craft it.

My next product is going to be of the highest quality. I will get the core working, proven correct and fast. I will sweat all the details most would miss. It will be tested to death, and then tested some more.


I just have no idea what it this next product will be.

But that is not the point.

Whatever my next product is, be it for myself or for a client, will be the best product I ever made.

As was the one before it.

As will be the one after that.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop improving.

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