Make Perfectly Good Mistakes

We’re not perfect, yet:

You can only learn from making perfectly good mistakes.

We all know of people’s reluctance to try things out in new software products because they are afraid of making mistakes and looking foolish. They are striving for perfect execution, yet unknowingly fail to learn the product or gain the benefits of its power.

Yet the failure to try new things is the biggest mistake of all. If you do not take a chance and try, you cannot learn anything.

Mistakes themselves are not bad. Making mistakes is not bad either. Mistakes are not failures. Instead, making mistakes is evidence of trying things out. And trying things out is evidence of learning. And learning is never foolish.

So go ahead, try things out as I do. And make a lot of perfectly good mistakes as I do. We will both learn new things, new paths, new ways, new techniques and also new things not to do. Make a perfectly good mistake, learn something, shrug and move on.

Think of it this way: One needs to make a lot of perfectly good mistakes in order to learn new things, grow and develop.

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Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Apr 25, 2013 3:31 PM