Add GA OS and Browser to Status Board

Google has finally deprecated their GAPI interface which this used to talk to Google Analytics, sorry folks, it will no longer work. See the New Google Analytics for Status Board Server Edition for an updated version.

Reader Brandon Cozart (@brandoncozart) asked if it were possible to add Browser and OS statistics to the Google Analytics for Status Board scripts. So I gave it a shot.

Update: Download again if you use these scripts, a null value bug and sorting bugs have been fixed.

Note: The installation instructions below assume you have already gotten one of my Google Analytics for Status Board scripts to install and work, so this only shows the changes that need to be made to setup these. If not, follow the instructions in Google Analytics for Status Board replacing the script and .plist files with these below.

All the source code for these scripts and launchd files is in the Github Repo at I recommend cloning this repo and then copying the files to where you need them on your local system, or you can copy and paste the file contents directly from Github into your own editor. You need to modify these scripts and files to make them work for you.


The big issue was that there are too many browsers that can be reported. So I picked a few, and lumped the remainder in an Other category. Also, some browsers have multiple names, so I merged those manually in the script.

The script to generate the browser file is at Copy and paste it into your own status_board_browsers.rb file and chmod +x it to make it executable. file Then, edit the file to change the configuration, changing email, password, title, file_name and dropbox_path. Test run the script to see that it creates the JSON file you need. Then share it from Dropbox, email it to yourself, open the link and add it to Status Board as per previous scripts.

The .plist to make this run automatically is at Copy, paste, edit it with the right path, and launchd load -w ... it.

Operating Systems

In this case I just picked the ones I was interested in and are popular on my site: Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. All others I ignore. You can, of course, edit the script to change the set I use, but make sure that they match exactly the names that get picked up in the the_os variable at line 61.

The script to generate the browser file is at It’s matching .plist is at


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Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Apr 17, 2013 11:02 AM