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$60 Million to Aquihire Me

So this week, Yahoo paid $30 million to acquire Summly and it’s 17 year old founder Nick D'Aloisio (just Google it).

The way I read the deal:

  • Summly and its product is going to be shut down. So it’s not the product they wanted.
  • Nick only has to hang around for 18 months to get all his money. So it’s not the founder they wanted.
  • Summly licensed its technology from someone else, so Yahoo is not getting any IP in the deal either. So it’s not the tech they wanted.

This has to be the most puzzling deal ever!

So here is my brilliant offer:

You can aquihire me for $60 million.

And for that ridiculously cheap bargain-basement price, I’ll give you a better deal with better terms:

  • You get a guy, that’s me, whose been programming longer than Nick’s been alive! I know stuff and get stuff done! You get the founder.
  • There’s no product to shut down (Kifu is a separate company), so you don’t get any disgruntled users or bad press in this deal. You get all my other products and no bad press.
  • I have no IP that’s licensed from anyone else, I can and have made my own, so no strings attached. You get all the tech.
  • I’ll stick around, for years if you like. I won’t just hang around the cafeteria for 18 months eating hamburgers and then bug out finish school or start university (Been there, done that!). I’ll focus on making your products awesomer! I’ll actually do something for you.

What a bargain!

I cannot imagine anyone not taking this amazing cut-price deal up.

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