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On Ihnatko Switching to Android

Andy Ihnatko (@ihnatko) is writing one of his usual clear and cogent articles on his choice to switch from the iPhone to Android at TechHive, see Part One and Part Two.

Good for him.

But somehow the haters have come out in droves, even though Andy himself tried to head them off at the pass:

This isn't the story about how Apple has lost its way and no longer innovates. It hasn't and it still does. This is merely the story of one dude who got a new phone. Nonetheless, my tale presents a picture of the strengths of modern Android.

Andy has made a choice that he thinks Android is better for him and is explaining why. As I wrote in my better article, “anytime someone tells you something is better, all they are doing is expressing their personal utility function on something they care about and are prepared to spend real money on”. And this is what he is doing. He is not, under any circumstances, stating that his preference is good for anyone else, or promoting some bullshit “Open is better, Apple sucks” memes.

John Gruber (@gruber), of Daring Fireball, tweeted it best:

@gedeon @dmoren Put another way, my stance is not “iPhone good, Android bad”, but rather “Truth and insight good, bullshit bad.”

I’m with John on this. I may not be an Android fan, but Andy’s article is insightful and his truth. Android works better for him, iPhone works better for me, and we both can and do respect that.

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