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Defend Your Livelihood

Adii Pienaar, of WooThemes, in Don’t Be Defensive, But Defend Your Livelihood on dealing with negative reviews:

1. Be Transparent. The honest truth about all companies (and businesses in general) is that it's impossible to please every single customer. I could've been defensive, tried to respond to the specific critique, but that would not have served any purpose. I don't try to be perfect as an individual and I don't expect Woo to be either. Striving for excellence, doesn't mean striving for perfection.

2. Defend Your Livelihood. This is something which becomes more important as a company / team becomes bigger and more mature. Woo is 27 individuals strong today and if we stopped making any money today, that'd directly affect 27 individual's livelihoods. Similarly, we have a big customer base that have built businesses on top of our products; if we can't support & maintain those products, their livelihoods are at risk. So this is a worthy cause to defend and be defensive about.

I agree, not everyone is going to like my writing, products or preferences, and that’s OK. I strive for excellence in my work, but know I will never achieve perfection.

But I, too, will defend my business and need for payment to cover my bills, as should you to cover yours.

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