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TimeToCall Demo Video

In preparation for the massive PR campaign that will never happen, I created a demo video of TimeToCall, showing off the new “drag down slider”, and added it to the product page. I am hoping v1.0.1 gets approved soon so you can all play with time.

Why make a Video?

  • There is no trial on the App Store, so the next best thing is a quick video to help people decide whether the App does what they want. A lot more purchase decisions are made if the potential customer can see a video before they buy. The purchase seems less risky to them and they know what they are getting in to.
  • The press gets so many emails that they too have no time to read all the text written about a product. But they do have a few minutes to watch a quick video, and that helps them decide whether to keep watching and write about the product.
  • Users, unsure on how to use the app, get a quick-reference on how best to use it from the demo.
  • Videos are cool.

To make this video, I ran TimeToCall in the iOS Simulator and used ScreenFlow 4 to record the screen, record my voice-over, present my finger as a white button, add the text annotations and edit the clips. This is an amazing product, so easy to use. I also used GarageBand to create the Jazz soundtrack, using the default Apple Loops because I am not a musician. ScreenFlow then handled the upload to YouTube.

I’d love to hear what you think of my demo video.

TimeToCall is available on the App Store for just 99c (USA). Buying it supports this site.

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