Using Twitter ADN and #xpost

I think I have finally figured out how I want to use App.Net and Twitter . Given my low follower counts on both, and the different follower groups I have on each, I should get away with it.

TL;DR: Follow me on both, no more cross-posting anything except blog post announcements, mute #xpost on one service to prevent duplicates. (Really? A TL;DR here! For an article this short? Where the “Too Long; Don’t Read” is about the same length as the post. Yes Really!)

I intend to use Twitter @hiltmon as I do now, for notifying people of posts on this site as well as for personal updates, Instagrams, jokes, scotch and any responses to messages. The persona on Twitter is this guy, me, with a tech blog, this. Twitter presents my intellectual brilliance in 140 characters, and more often than not, pie-in-face moments.

On App.Net, I intend to use ADN @hiltmon for more meaningful discussions, more in-depth technical talk, more hop-on posts (which may annoy others already in that discussion) and leave the personal stuff and silly jokes aside. The only cross-posts will be blog announcements, in the hope that they start these more meaningful discussions.

If you follow me on both (and you should), mute the #xpost hashtag on one of them, you’ll get all the messages, but only once. No duplicates.

Either way, I plan to remain me, polite, courteous, curious, stubborn, socially awkward in a crowd, with a splash of humor and irreverence on both. It is who I am, I cannot be otherwise.

Oh, and if you follow me on @NoverseLLC (my company Twitter account), switch to @hiltmon. I rarely post on it any more and am considering replacing the company web with a static site and merging the blogs (which means you may see a few more business-like posts here).

So announcing the biggest change in since, well, the last blog post. The new follow message at the bottom (Delta: s/or/and/i + “Mute #xpost on one.”):

Follow the author as @hiltmon on Twitter and @hiltmon on App.Net. Mute #xpost on one.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 26, 2013 8:47 AM