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BuyReply: Email, Text, Tweet, Click to Buy

Prior to online purchases, the only innovation in purchasing was credit cards. The move to online electronic purchasing has seen only one more real innovation, 1-click by Amazon. The current online purchasing experience really just replicates the same onerous manual purchasing process that’s been around since money was invented.

Until now.

With BuyReply, purchasing is as far away as an email, text or tweet. Completely frictionless. Completely effortless. Available everywhere.

Here’s how it works. A vendor pops an easy-to-remember email address, SMS number or Twitter handle and a short code, usually a simple word like “LASER” or “DONATE”. You email, text or tweet that code word to the given address and BuyReply sends you a link to register your payment info and shipping details. They then save this in your online wallet for future purchases. Purchase made. That’s it.

Try it: text DONATE to +1 (917) 512-5277

The next time you use email, text or tweet to buy, BuyReply’s online wallet remembers your details and all you need to do it tap the confirmation link they send you to buy the next product. No more checkout, no more nags or up-sells, no more re-enter your details, no more decline to join the mailing lists, no more next, next, next; just tap and it’s bought. You can visit your wallet on the web to see your purchase history in one place.

Try it: tweet DONATE to @ShopHiltmon

I’ve been beta testing this for a while now and I think it is great. I’m using it for the “Support with a Donation” links on this site. BuyReply has created a completely new and unique way for us to purchase and for vendors to reach us. By making it easier for us to buy, it means we will be buying more. And best of all, it’s frictionless, the process does not create any more work on our end.

Try it: email DONATE to mca17@buyreply.net or donations@hiltmon.com (Send mail)

BuyReply has gone from patented idea to full implementation in just over one year. Its CEO (and my very good friend) Brad Lindenberg (@bradlind) previously built a very successful business selling custom golf clubs and has turned his incredible entrepreneurial drive and all his time and effort into making this happen. They already have several major names signed up, a proper revenue plan and I expect us to all hear a lot more about BuyReply going forward.

Try it: click Direct URL Link

Note: The SMS, tweets, email and links above are real and work, you can not only try them but actually send me real money via BuyReply. We set up a BuyReply Merchant Account, linked up Stripe for payments, added the DONATE keyword (and to make it complicated we added different support levels) and established the links to text, Twitter, email and direct. It was easy, the merchant interface is very clear and simple, and it took less than 1 hour to set it all up and take in the first transaction.

So check out BuyReply on the web, sign up as a merchant if you sell things, and look for the orange-arrow logo on sites and billboards near you. I think this is the next big thing in online commerce.

Disclaimer: I am not an investor in BuyReply. I wish I was. I am just a friend of Brad’s who loves the idea and the product, uses it and wants you all to know about it and use it too.

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