Glui - a better Skitch

Ever since Evernote purchased and then ruined Skitch (See my Bye bye Skitch, Hello LittleSnapper post), I’ve been looking for a replacement product. A lightweight snap, annotate and save to PNG or share the image app. And I think Glui may be it.

I just wanted an app that just does the following like the original Skitch betas:

  • Snap
  • Quick Annotate
  • Save as image, or
  • Share the image
  • Go away

Glui, by Sebastian Razola (@razola), does exactly that. It sits in the menu bar, offers keyboard shortcuts for crosshair, window or fullscreen snaps, offers an arrow, box and text annotation in one color (red), with drag to desktop or share on Dropbox. Lovely!

In comparison, I’ve tried, and still use:

  • LittleSnapper (now Ember), but it is better as an image archive and search tool. And it takes two steps to drag an image out for use in the blog.
  • Napkin, which creates amazing callouts and I use that for heavy duty annotations. But it hangs around wanting to save its document.
  • Clarify, but that is better for multi-image, document preparation. Way too heavy duty.

But for quick image capture, annotate and share, I’ll be using Glui.

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Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Feb 20, 2013 7:09 PM