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Surface Pro Pricing Madness

I don’t get the pricing for Microsoft’s new Surface Pro.

The basic, bottom spec unit (with no keyboard, tablet form only) is $899.00. Why would you buy it when you can get full-size iPad at $499.00, or even the top-of-the line iPad at $829.00. Why would you buy it if you specifically want a Windows 8 tablet and a Samsung Activ goes for under $699.00 (and includes the keyboard).

And if you do add the keyboard for $120 (which pushes the price over $1,000) to use the Surface as a laptop, why not buy the best laptop ever made, the MacBook Air for $999.00. And if you just have to have Windows 8, Lenovo’s superb Yoga is also faster, better built, bigger and cheaper at $999.00 too (and it’s the most expensive of the bunch!).

It does not make sense to me. I guess Surface Pro buyers must be affected by the nonexistent Microsoft and Windows 8 reality distortion field. Can I get a ‘fanboy’, ooh rah!

Update: Looks like I’m not the only one, MG Siegler also does not understand the pricing. Thanks for pointing it out folks.

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