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2012 Year End iPad Essentials

I posted my 2012 iPad Essentials (excluding games) in March this year when the iPad 3 came out. Since then, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini have launched. Surprisingly enough, the early 2012 essentials (excluding games) have changed very little:

New Additions

  • The Magazine - Technically not an app, The Magazine is a brilliant new take on how a magazine should work, with great writing on a wide variety of interesting topics.
  • NetBot - Joins TweetBot at the top of my most popular apps page. I trust you will all join App.Net and follow me there as @hiltmon. I find the level and depth of conversation on App.Net so much better than Twitter.
  • 500px - to show off my very best pictures. Better go out and take some more.
  • Paper by Fifty Three - has become my go-to drawing and scratchpad app, it’s unique take on pens and color is amazing. I find myself spending more time in design just because this app creates such good looking sketches.
  • Tweet Library - to save old tweets that did not make it into DayOne via Slogger.
  • Pinbook - to access my links saved on Pinboard.
  • Diet Coda - for writing code and fixing up static web sites, replacing Textastic.
  • Pythonista - to help me learn Python programming.
  • iStat 2 - To remotely view the performance of my servers.
  • Quotebook - For quickly saving great quotes I find while reading.


  • Day One - has become more important as I now use Slogger to record daily social network interactions, site stats (my own plugin) and stock prices.
  • 1Password - great makeover of the best password manager in existence.

Old Favorites

  • OmniFocus - for all my to-do and project needs. One of my top-5 must have tools.
  • Reeder - For RSS.
  • Instapaper - for offline reading of saved articles.
  • Soulver - A better calculation tool, using it more and more for project estimation.
  • Elements - (back to it) to view and create notes, and write, replacing Byword.
  • TextExpander - I just wish more apps used its expansions.
  • iBooks - I still read almost everything in the iPad.

Still There


Note: The links above to the App Store are affiliate links, so if you purchase any of these products, I get a few pennies.

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