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Yahoo Finance Logger for Slogger

One thing I find myself doing every once in a while is trying to find out the $AAPL share price for a given date. This usually requires a trip to Google Finance or Yahoo Finance and a need to download a data table to find what I need.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this information was in my journal?

So I spun up a simple Slogger plugin to do it. This plugin:

  • Takes Yahoo data as at the time it runs (so theoretically you could run it multiple times a day). It does nothing on weekends, but it will run on holidays.
  • Allows you to choose a list of tickers to report on.
  • You can choose a detailed log or a simple one.

Given that it uses the Yahoo real-time API, it cannot be used to back fill data.

Warning: This plugin is alpha code, so assume the usual no warranty legaleze, basically proceed at your own peril.

Installing the Plugin

  • Save Gist 4185229 as plugins/yahoofinancelogger.rb (or copy it from plugins_disabled)
  • Run ./slogger -o Yahoo to create the slogger_config entry
  • Edit the tickers list in slogger_config for the ones you want.
  • Choose whether you want show_details true or false

The Result

Here’s what it looks like with and without details:

Some ticker ideas


  • ^GSPC S&P 500
  • ^IXIC Nasdaq
  • ^DJI Dow Jones Industrials
  • AAPL Apple Inc
  • AUDUSD=X AUD/USD Exchange Rate
  • ^TNX 10-Year Bond


See also Google Analytics Logger for Slogger. Follow the author as @hiltmon on Twitter or @hiltmon on App.Net.