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Multi-Platform Editing Is Sublime

One of the best things about the Sublime Text 2 license is that it’s a per-user license. This allows you to run it on all computers where you are the primary user. And since Sublime Text 2 is multi-platform, that means on all the operating systems you use as well.

For example, in my case, I can and do run Sublime Text 2 on

  • My laptop Macintosh which is my regular workhorse.
  • My OS X Server for maintaining Slogger and other scheduled scripts.
  • My Windows 7 VM which is where I do all my Windows coding and testing.
  • And on all my GUI Linux VMs too.

No more jumping between TextMate, UltraEdit, and GEdit. Or worse, having to use Notepad because nothing else is installed.

I have also started to use the portable version from a thumb-drive when going out to client sites and installing software on their locked up, firewalled Windows computers. Just pop in the thumb-drive and launch, a preconfigured working editing environment fully customized for our use.

All these installs have the same setup, themes and plugins (Beware: a few of the plugins fail on Windows). Which means we users can get a consistent editing interface and environment everywhere we work. Just great.

Vim users have had this kind of portability for a while, but now us GUI editing fiends can have the same.

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