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Hiltmon.com - One Year Old

On Nov 22, 2012, the revamped hiltmon.com turned one year old. And I missed it as I was too busy guzzling turkey.

Thank you all for reading, sharing and responding to my writing.

Stats from the First Year

  • 287 posts.
  • 67,536 pageviews.
  • Taking the HN/Reddit outliers out, hiltmon.com is averaging 4,278 page views per month.
  • Over the year, 41.66% of visitors used Chrome, 20.82% used Firefox and 20.07% used Safari. But over the last 6 months, this has changed to 36.31% Chrome, 34.62% Safari and 13.97% Firefox, tracking the demise of Firefox.
  • Over the year, 36.66% of visitors were on Windows, 33.27% Macintosh and 11.55% on Linux. Over the past 6 months, this has changed to 44.94% Macintosh, 28.37% Windows, 16.15% iOS and 7.12% Linux tracking the tone and content of this site.
  • Only 18.17% of page views are from mobile devices and this rate is growing rapidly. 84.2% of mobile access is from iOS devices and the remainder seem to be Android variants.
  • 57.1% of page views source from from Google searches, 21.9% direct and 5.2% from Twitter and Facebook.
  • $0 spent on advertising and marketing. My plan was to focus on writing only this year and see how it went.

The Top 10 most popular articles

Once again, thank you all for reading hiltmon.com and sharing this site with your friends. I intend to continue writing here on the topics that interest us all, especially software design, productivity ideas and about awesome tools that I love to use.

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