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As a species , we have proven that there is nothing we can’t do if we set out to do so. We have cured the incurable countless times before. I fervently believe that, if we can send robots to Mars and fix elections with money, we can cure cancer. All it takes is the same thing it always has for every one of those challenges…


I don’t know Patrick personally, we’ve never met and probably will never meet. He’s just a guy I follow on Twitter and App.net because his tweets and posts show that his interests and mine align.

Yet he openly shared his horrifying moments from detection of cancer through processing the possibilities to the joyous moment of relief on his feed. It took courage to do it. Because of this, many of us walked the path with him, numb as he was, not knowing what to say or do.

But we cared.

Maybe it’s the personal touch, maybe it’s because too many around me have also been touched by cancer. My grandfather (skin), my good friend’s wife (breast survivor, see It’s a Strong Tree that Withstands a Hurricane), a drinking buddy (testicular survivor) and my best friend as a child (leukemia), all cancer.

It’s time we cared.

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