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AT&T Effs Users Again

The beard, Jim Dalrymple nails it in AT&T fucks users… again:

“Our network sucks balls. If we tried to let all of you rapid iPhone users have FaceTime, our network would take a firey crash into Hell. Many of the executives that have been too goddamn cheap to upgrade the network are now scared shitless that they will lose their cushy bonuses. So we decided to fuck our users.”

Why? AT&T is only allowing cellular FaceTime if you buy into their new overpriced and underserviced family share plans. I am on a grandfathered unlimited data plan, which is not really unlimited. The new share plan will cost me $40 a month more for significantly less data that we already use (and our usage is way less than the cap or throttle trigger on the unlimited plan).

And now we can only get some data on out AT&T phones, the data they choose we get to see. If they decide to block Twitter or Skype or Google searches, there’s nothing we can do about it. And it seems, it’s legal for AT&T to do this on mobile. There’s no net neutrality on mobile networks in the USA under FCC rules. Well paid AT&T (Not a typo).

What’s worse is that there is no alternative network available in the US that provides a better or more open service. Verizon’s plans, prices and restrictions are pretty much the same (lets call it cartel-like collusion). And the remaining players, T-Mobile and Sprint suck so badly you need tin cans and a string to make calls. So much for free markets, competition, capitalism and the American way.