Hipstamatic fires its devs

Of all the stupid things to do, Hipstamatic fired its 3 devs, 1 designer and writer yesterday. Here’s how it played out on Twitter.

So in case you didn’t get the memo. Entire team laid off. 3 devs, 1 designer, 1 writer. Some of THE best people I’ve ever worked with…
Jonathan Wight

This is a company making 22 million dollars this year (according to The Verge here). And expects to continue without its creatives!

@pbowden to be honest I was about to bitch quit anyway…
Jonathan Wight

Then again, it’s not Instagram, and charging for consumables on an iOS app was extreme asshattery!

And to be frank this is the best thing, it became apparent that we were spiraling the drain.
Jonathan Wight

The good news is that this Twitter stream got a lot of attention and @schwa and team received a lot of new offers.

Would love if the entire team could get snapped up by someone. Really is an awesome fucking team. Totally squandered where we were.
Jonathan Wight

Mad, frustrating, angry day for a great team that did not deserve it.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Aug 17, 2012 2:08 PM