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Software Will Always Trump Hardware

Shawn Blanc reviews the Nexus 7 tablet in Thoughts and Impressions of the Nexus 7, and concludes with a great point:

For me, when it comes down to it, software will always trump hardware. When I’m using a device like the Nexus 7 I want to know where the details are. Where is the magic? The fun? The incredible 3rd-party apps? It is because of these elements that the iPad is more than the sum of its parts while its competition continues to remains less than.

He may be comparing the Android tablet to the iPad, but it’s just as applicable to Macs and PC’s and Linux, or Kindles and Nooks, or Windows Phones vs Blackberries vs Android vs iOS. Which device delights you? Which is the most fun and enjoyable to use? Which has all the great apps? That’s the one you buy.