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International Terpstra Day

One of the nicest things I have ever seen for one of the nicest guys on our corner of the internet. It’s Brett Terpstra’s birthday today and all his friends have taken the time to celebrate him and his works, including:

For the few of you who do not know of him, Brett is the developer of Marked.app that I use every day for preview and export of markdown files, he’s the developer of nvAlt which I recommend for all your notes, he writes as part of Read & Trust, has a new Podcast called Systematic, and he gives away huge numbers of free tools and scripts.

His work inspires me to be better at what I do.

So buy his stuff, follow him on Twitter at @ttscoff or just donate from his home page.

It’s the mark of a true good person that their friends take the time and effort to celebrate them, and an even greater mark that people he’s never met feel the same way.