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Zombie Email

So, I decided today to archive my old emails, and that meant connecting to the Google Apps holding pen for my last hedge fund which closed in 2009. This is a zombie email account I have not looked at in more than two years.

There were a lot of emails in it.

None of which I wanted or needed.

Surely by now, everyone knows that the company is gone and the email address is defunct.

I guess not.

They still try.

Emails found include

  • Recruiters I have never met offering me candidates for a closed company
  • Vendors who I have never dealt with emailing me about products for my nonexistent company
  • I seem to have been added to a lot of hedge fund mailing lists, even though I have been out of the game since 2009
  • I still get pricing emails for securities traded by the company, even though the counterparties know fully well we no longer exist
  • Follow-ups from people I have not spoken to since 2009. Don’t you love it when people rely on CRM’s to follow up, just like clockwork, every 6 months, to a zombie address.
  • An email from the office cleaning company offering new services, surely they know we’re no longer there
  • New year’s cards from vendors we no longer do business with, I hope they did not send gift baskets too

Oh well, I’ll check it again when next I renew the domain. In two years. Maybe.