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Serious and Snark

One of the key reasons I separated hiltmon.com and noverse.com at the start of this year was to separate my serious business voice from my larrakin personal voice.

Last evening, on twitter, it seems some of the indie celebs are doing the same:

@marcoarment @gte @gruber My only handicap is I am afraid to tarnish red-sweater with too many crazy posts, so I'm building a new blog...

@danielpunkass Twitter

David Barnard points out that your business should have a voice:

@danielpunkass @marcoarment @gruber yeah. Voice of an entity is important. Separating private opinion from business position makes sense.

@drbarnard Twitter

Marco Arment, in a Yoda moment, gets poingnant:

@drbarnard @danielpunkass Our companies will come and go. Our names and personal reputations can be built up for life.

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