Stop SOPA and PIPA, a personal request

This blog exists due to the confluence of a few cool things

  • Freedom of Speech
  • The Internet being a free and open platform that interconnects us all
  • Me, having something to say and share
  • You, having the option and the ability to read my writing

In this blog I can express my opinions, emotions, teach, joke, and write about anything. You can find me in your browser or search engine. Confluence.

With SOPA and PIPA in place, this blog would probably disappear very quickly. Either

  • I will censor myself, not express my true opinion, or just not cover an important topic because I will be afraid that some random person may disagree and have me shut down. No more teaching, no more valid opinions that disagree with Big Brother.
  • Some random person will shut me down because, well, they don’t need a reason. They may claim infringement, but do not have to prove it. “Who shall I take down today?”, muses Big Brother.
  • Or, my ISP will be shut down because another blog on the same server got taken down and mine was collateral damage.

The worst part about it is that under SOPA and PIPA, I get no notification, no warning and have no way to respond without spending thousands in legal fees. The censor needs no reason to shut me down, but I need to somehow prove that no reason exists.

Guilty until proven innocent.

I think that is wrong. I trust you do too.

Please call your congressman and get these bills killed.

Ironically, under SOPA and PIPA, I probably cannot even ask you to do this.

Posted By Hilton Lipschitz · Jan 18, 2012 8:27 AM