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Migrating to Octopress

Over the years I have created a series of blogs, but never found my voice. It’s time to do it better. So here it is, my voice, my errors, my opinions, my mistakes, my soapbox, and maybe, just maybe, someday I’ll write something interesting, in my voice.

So, from now on, I am consolidating all but one of my old blogs into this one. I still wish to keep the Noverse blog separate as I do talk about some pretty dry business topics there and do not wish to bore my regular readers with that stuff.

Here, I will rant and rave like I did at There Is Only One, talk about software in more words than One Line App Reviews, show off fun photos instead of tumblr, and point out the nasty like I did at misrepresentation.

And more… I want to add my 5c worth on the news, tech industry happenings, trends, memes and more. Those who know me know I have opinions, lots of them, and here is where I intend to share them.

To keep me from being distracted, I am using a default Octopress theme. I love the plain simple minimalism of the default theme, and its focus on the content. Octopress allows me to write without interruption in Markdown, a format I use for everything these days.

And now to write the first article…