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About the Hiltmon

My name is Hilton Lipschitz, but everybody calls me hiltmon.

Currently, I am Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in an awesome small, growing New York Hedge Fund, designing and building the most amazing trading technology ever. Before this, I was the designer, consultant, programmer, and owner of Noverse LLC, an independent iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), Macintosh (OS X) and Web (Ruby on Rails) product development company, based in New York, USA.

My background is varied: born in South Africa, bred in Australia, lived in Japan and now in New York. I have been a programmer for over 25 years, a project manager on some large and complex projects in the 1990’s and more recently, a CTO at two (now three) hedge funds. Having been there and done that, I decided over 5 years ago to go indie, to consult, to make my own products and to help others make amazing brilliant software products.

And then I got back into the game.

I have released a whole bunch of free code, bundles and themes for developers to share, see my code page.

You can get in touch with me using any of the methods below. Note: If you’re interested in contacting me for business reasons, don’t, the consulting businness is on hold. If you still just have to do it, use the contact information on my business site, Noverse.com.

Contact Me

  • Business: Noverse LLC
  • Twitter: @hiltmon
  • Google+: Hilton Lipschitz
  • Email: hiltmon (at this domain or gmail or noverse domains)
  • Instant Messaging: hiltmon (at the gmail domain using gtalk or iChat)
  • FaceTime: hiltmon (at the gmail or the mac/me domains)
  • iMessage: hiltmon (at the gmail or the mac/me domains)
  • Instapaper: hiltmon

About this blog

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